Tips and tricks for enhancing WordPress content

If you have decided to write a weekly or even daily company blog, these days there is a good chance you will be doing so on the WordPress blogging platform. After all, business sites are five times more likely to use this platform than standard news websites are! The top 48 per cent of Technorati’s former top-100 blog list all amazingly use WordPress now!

In fact, nearly 20 per cent of websites worldwide are hosted by WordPress, which lists The New York Times, Mashable, eBay, CNN, and SAP as some of its users. But with almost 20,000 WordPress posts being published every day, how can you give your blogs a boost while making the entire process a little easier at the same time? Well, here are some great tips and tricks for enhancing WordPress content.

Distraction-free writing

For those who craft their blog on WordPress itself, the distraction of completing your categories, tags, and images while writing could mean the quality of content suffers. This is why choosing “distraction-free writing mode” makes a lot of sense in the wonderful world of WordPress.

Situated to the far right of your toolbox just above the blank space, this nifty feature gets rid of any obstructions and allows you to concentrate on those all-important words.

Let WordPress do the hard work

Going through your content and adding links can be a timely and somewhat painful affair at the best of times. But by using the WordPress shortcut of “CTRL + K” the “Insert/Edit Link” window appears, where you can also link to existing content on your site and search through these pages by keyword.

Another handy feature is typing three dashes in a row, which gives you the em dash, or ” —“. It does not appear in the editor, but will show up on your site and saves you from copying and pasting from Word.

Take advantage of numerous WordPress plugins

As you are no doubt aware if you have any experience with this platform, WordPress has an abundance of plugins available to make your blog more appealing to both Internet users and search engines alike.

There are thousands of these WordPress plug-ins available, some great and some not so great, but try to identify the ones that you actually need to have installed.

With so much choice available, it may be best to go back to basics and ask yourself what it is that you want to achieve before installing them ‘willy-nilly’!

Streamline your content generation with WordPress

If you are committed to producing a stream of scheduled content, then you should consider installing an editorial calendar plugin. This will allow you to manage your blogs more effectively and publish time-sensitive content that capitalises on industry trends.

Another way to streamline the content creation process is to install a photo plugin like Flickr Gallery, FooBox, or, meaning you don’t need to go offsite to find all of your stock images.

Another popular plugin that countless WordPress users have is the Yoast SEO pack. This analyses your blog to see how well it estimates your sites pages will perform on Google and gives you the ability to enter better focus keywords and Meta descriptions accordingly.

Get all touchy feely to gain the love of the search engines

Last but not least, WP Touch should give your site a better look and feel on mobile devices. This could be a potential lifesaver for sites affected by Google’s recent “Mobilegeddon” update. A fully responsive website is a necessity and not just a ‘nice to have’ in the competitive world of online today.

Although MintCandy designs and develops websites, we also recognise the fact that a vast number of people are more comfortable using a familiar format like WordPress. But to find out how you can bring your company website and WordPress blog together in one place, get in touch and we will explain how it can be done.

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