Tips and tricks on how to boost your Facebook activity for free

We all know about the promotional power of Facebook. For numerous organisations, this will be their one and only port of call for product publicity on social media.

But what used to be an extremely easy and effective platform to market your business through is nowadays quite a difficult and challenging landscape to negotiate successfully. In addition to an increasingly crowded News Feed, where an abundance of other companies are vying for attention, Facebook’s algorithm updates have made organic reach an almost unobtainable aspiration.

However, before you start to give up all hope on the world’s largest social network, think about putting the following tips and tricks into practice. After all, Facebook is still home to 956 million daily active users and a significant portion of these individuals could turn out to be valuable customers.

Post more native videos

If your business is shooting and sharing movies as part of its content marketing strategy, think about posting these on Facebook instead of other video sharing websites such as YouTube.

After looking at more than 670,000 posts by 4,445 brand pages, social media analytics experts Socialbakers found that videos achieved an organic reach of 8.71 per cent. This was much more impressive than the 5.77 per cent for text-only statuses, 5.29 per cent for link posts, and 3.73 per cent for photo posts.

Another advantage of native videos on Facebook is the autoplay feature. As soon as the audience notices a bit of movement, they are immediately hooked and want to discover what else will happen. But in order to gain success with videos, make them short and snappy but with a definite call to action.

Use targeting for organic posts

In spite of Facebook’s crackdown on organic exposure, there is still potential to position posts right in front of your audience’s eyes without having to pay a penny.

In late 2014, Facebook introduced some new tools and insights for publishers, which included greater targeting options. This used to be an exclusive option for advertisers only, but now various brands are beginning to experiment with organic targeting.

But before you get giddy at the thought of ensuring your posts get seen by the right people, testing from Social Media Examiner generated mixed results. Although it conceded there was obvious potential, only some targeted posts had higher engagement than others.

Capitalise on trending topics

Although Twitter might still reign supreme when it comes to gauging what the most popular trending topics are around the world, Facebook is quickly catching up.

Click an item that happens to be trending and you will be provided with no end of photos, videos and links to consume. The advantage for businesses is that when one of these options gets clicked, a few more pieces of content appear below.

These tend to be provided by closely connected pages, so find out what your audience is consuming in terms of trending topics and start creating similar content accordingly.

Use your CTA button

In yet another late 2014 update, Facebook introduced a new call-to-action feature, which was designed to help businesses achieve their objectives. Positioned near the Like and Message buttons, this handy addition can drive traffic to a destination of your choosing.

The seven CTAs available are Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Watch Video, which provides any organisation with a range of possibilities on where to direct customers.

In a three-week test, Dollar Shave Club achieved a 2.5x higher conversion rate versus other comparable social placements aimed at improving new user acquisition thanks to the call-to-action button.

Focus on what could work for you

Even though you can use Facebook’s own insights to see what activity is working the best, there are a number of other tools at your disposal as well, most notably BuzzSumo.

You may have used this resource already to locate the online world’s most shared content and key influencers, but BuzzSumo can also help you focus on what could work for you when it comes to social media activity.

Search for content your audience would have an interest in according to topic and media type but filter results to only include Facebook. This can help you come up with a future plan of action, which stands a good chance of succeeding.

A lot can be said for paying to promote or advertise on Facebook, as its seemingly infinite user base and impressive targeting options can afford countless benefits. However, this doesn’t mean to say you should turn your back on tips and tricks that don’t cost a thing, as they can also be highly advantageous to your businesses sales growth.

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