Top 10 reasons why your business needs a mobile site

Even if you have a comprehensive company website with an attractive design, alluring graphics and an online shopping portal, not every visitor will be able to enjoy all of these benefits.

This is because more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the Internet and explore online content. Unfortunately, certain websites aren’t as appealing on a smartphone or tablet screen, with some pages unavailable altogether.

Therefore, ensuring all interested parties can navigate your website, regardless of their browsing platform, is imperative. Here are some reasons why.

1. Most popular internet platform

According to reports from online analysts and industry insiders, mobile Internet will surpass desktop use this year, signalling a significant shift in browsing trends. What’s more, global intelligence firm IDC has revealed that the worldwide mobile phone market grew a further 6 per cent year on year in the second quarter of 2013.

2. Easy access

Mobile websites enable users to access information easily. From buying a product or service to locating company contact details, smartphone or tablet users prefer to go online as its simple and straightforward.

3. Immediacy

Due to the rise in popularity of mobile devices, consumers now expect search results to be delivered instantly wherever they are in the world. Therefore, an immediate way of accessing your website and discovering the products on offer is crucial.

4. Satisfy growing demand

Recent research suggests that 94 per cent of smartphone owners look for local information on their device. Failing to provide a resource for potential customers could have damaging consequences for your business.

5. Available on all devices

Once you have developed and released a mobile website, you can rest assured that every smartphone user can access content, as every operating system and platform will work.

6. Retain and capitalise on interest

If a mobile user who visits your desktop website constantly has to pinch and zoom to read content, they will soon get frustrated and probably leave the page. Put off by the experience, it is unlikely they will return anytime soon. So make sure you retain and capitalise on interest with a website optimised for mobile users.

7. Improve search rankings

Although there are other considerations when it comes to improving your Google page ranking, a mobile website also makes a massive difference. Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines and directories reward mobile-optimised pages.

8. Build brand awareness

With a stronger presence on popular search engines, the strength of your brand will inevitably improve as well. Mobile users will associate your company with a certain keyword or search phrase and may even share the link over easily accessible social media sites.

9. Beat the competition

It has been found that less than 5 per cent of online businesses have a website compatible with mobile operating systems, so developing a site optimised for smartphones and tablets will give you a distinct advantage over the competition.

10. Future trends

It is fairly obvious that the number of people using their mobile phones to access online content and make product purchases over the internet will increase exponentially in the future. Therefore, staying one step ahead of the game and embracing future trends has numerous benefits.

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