Top 10 social media management tools

With so many social spheres and platforms at your disposal, giving each and every one the same amount of attention can be quite tricky. In addition to sending out multiple tweets a day, you’ll also need to reply to comments on Facebook, participate in LinkedIn discussions and monitor Pinterest activity.

While additional employees is one way to meet the growing demand of social media, a lot can be said for the plentiful management tools currently available. Even if social networks want users to visit their site directly, third-party applications provide more applicable and functional solutions.


The most popular social media management tool out there and it is easy to see why. Through HootSuite’s web-based dashboard, you can execute campaigns across multiple networks with a great deal of simplicity.

It is also possible to schedule daily activity, track conversations and measure campaign results with a customisable built-in analytics system, which incorporates Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

Over nine million users and several top brands including WWF, Virgin, Eurostar and CBS Interactive are making use of Hootsuite’s free, pro and enterprise options.


Buffer provides any brand or business with an incredibly easy and intuitive way to schedule content across social platforms. Its ‘Team Member’ feature also enables colleges to distribute content and analyse statistics regarding performance together.

But perhaps the most useful and effective quality of this particular tool is the ability to stagger content throughout the day, so every social media feed has consistent daily updates. This will come as welcome news to marketers that struggle with time management, as Buffer effortlessly deals with this social media stumbling block.

Price plans depend on the number of connected accounts and team members you have, but a free trial is available if you fancy taking Buffer for a test drive.


By watching real-time conversations on social media, SocialFlow predicts the best time to publish content in order to receive the highest levels of attention and engagement from your target market.

Its own unique algorithm looks at what messages are most likely to cause a reaction, which users are online and when the right time is to publish content. Essentially, SocialFlow is also about optimising content distribution to increase audience engagement and increase revenue per customer.

Even though you’ll have to pay for this particular service, it will tell you whether Promoted Tweets or Sponsored Stories on Twitter and Facebook are actually worth it.


Designed to increase social media productivity and output, SocialOomph has a great deal of worthwhile tools for Facebook and LinkedIn as well as RSS feeds and blogs.

But its proficiency with Twitter, which includes the ability to schedule posts, track keywords, view mentions, clean-up inboxes, send messages and follow users automatically, is perhaps SocialOomph’s greatest attribute.

Basic accounts are free, but you’ll have to pay for every professional feature. Alternatively, take a 7-day trial before making up your mind.


Spredfast enables any business to target the right audience, engage in valuable conversations, coordinate social activity and optimise marketing campaigns thanks to a wide range of tools.

This analytic-based tool is big on employee empowerment and workforce collaboration. A central content library and a trail of social actions have been designed to meet both internal and external governance requirements. Essentially, Spreadfast is all about bringing social media platforms and staff together.

Visit the website and you’ll find countless guides about social strategies as well as more information about individual products.

6.Sprout Social

Yet another all-encompassing tool that lets you seamlessly post updates, monitor messages, manage campaigns and examine results over numerous accounts. From this single platform, it is possible to oversee Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ activity.

With the single stream inbox, you’ll never miss a message or fail to notice relevant trending topics thanks to keyword monitoring. Businesses also benefit from unlimited reporting and exporting of analytics over all social networks and tasks can be delegated across team members in real-time.

You can try Sprout Social for 30 days or jump straight into one of its deluxe, premium or enterprise plans.


If you want to make your Twitter experience as clean and coherent as possible without being overwhelmed by its scale and enormity, then Tweepi is the tool for you.

Although it might feel a bit brutal, you can flush unfollowers and clean-up inactives to be left with an unblemished account. But if you’re worried about ongoing activity, there is the option to reciprocate followers and discover new people or updates.

Monthly charges for Tweepi are inexpensive and affordable, but you’ll save more money by purchasing an annual subscription.


As opposed to bringing social media accounts under one roof, Crowdbooster concentrates on gathering data from your activity and providing useful suggestions.

Quickly identify successful content with at-a-glance analytics, receive recommendations on who to follow, gain a greater understanding of your audience and schedule updates at the most effective time.

There is no free option, but price plans are quite cheap and you can always try before you buy with a 30-day trial.


Everypost is different to most of the aforementioned social media management tools in a couple of ways.

First of all, it is a smartphone app that allows you to post updates, images or videos on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr all at the same time. Secondly, it’s free.

There is even a feature to automatically shorten tweets to meet the 140-character limit, but this isn’t foolproof.

10.Argyle Social

Perfect for B2B marketers, Argyle Social enables you to discover new prospects through social media, improve lead scoring, share data between sales and marketing, drive customer conversations and track conversions.

With Argyle Social, networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are at the top of the purchase funnel. Through its range of features, you should find success at the bottom.

There is no free version of this tool, but marketer, professional and enterprise versions with varying prices are available.

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