Top PPC advertising mistakes

PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising is one of the most significant aspects of several companies’ online marketing footprint. As opposed to traditional Internet display banners, PPC advertising singles out targeted visitors using specific keywords and phrases.

When planned properly and implemented correctly, PPC can be an incredibly valuable and beneficial promotional tool. However, it is easy to make mistakes if you’re unaware of the intricate and complex details associated with PPC.

With years of experience in delivering campaigns to numerous organisations, we are well aware of the common pitfalls people make. So here is what to avoid.

Here is our Top PPC advertising mistakes

Poor targeting

PPC advertising gives you a fantastic amount of control, from the region where ads appear and the time of day they show up to the user’s language and network. But if these aren’t applied correctly, performance will be compromised. For example, an English advertisement in a French speaking country is pretty pointless.

Broad bidding

Every industry is bound to have highly competitive keywords that bring in lots of traffic, but these will be expensive and sometimes don’t deliver the best results. Specific long tail keywords are potentially more relevant to your business and can deliver guaranteed success.

Creating irrelevant ads

An advertisement that isn’t relevant to the landing page and its associated keywords will reduce your quality score and click-through rate. You will therefore pay more for each click and receive a poor return on investment. Keywords should be tightly grouped together and relate to just one theme.

Lack of engagement

Just like website copy or social media communications, any advertisement should be interesting and engaging. A prospective customer is more likely to click on your link if it provides something different to the boring and unoriginal competition. It’s very much a balancing act between keyword density and attention-grabbing content.

No testing

Regular testing is necessary if you want to improve you CTR, particular if you operate in a rapidly evolving market. You’ll soon find that the advert’s message or promotion goes out of date, so test descriptions, display URLs and keyword performance. Having a few variations of the same advert could even help determine the most successful strategy to go with.

No call to action

Simply displaying what you have to offer is often not enough and a call to action is required. From phrases like ‘Read More’ for user engagement to ‘Buy Now’ for persuading potential customers to make a purchase, encouraging the audience to actively click on the advertisement is hugely beneficial.

Not tracking results

In order to discover whether any PPC campaign has been a success, some sort of tracking software must be applied. Your company could be spending lots of money on certain keywords that simply aren’t performing, thus wasting a valuable marketing budget.

Trying to achieve too much

At Mintcandy, we know how important a positive ROI is, especially when it comes to online promotion and publicity. Unfortunately, numerous companies try to achieve too much and expect instant results.

We have consistently delivered successful PPC campaigns for a wide range of clients, so to find out how we can help your company, call us today on 01621 717777.

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