Top social media trends of 2013 part one

The power and potential of social media should already be recognised by businesses that want to have a strong online presence. Sites like Facebook and Twitter remain the most popular ways for organisations to promote products and interact with customers, while LinkedIn and Google+ also have their additional benefits.

As you would expect, the world of social media does not stand still and is constantly evolving, with new trends and habits making themselves known all the time. Identifying and understanding these tendencies is crucial for any business to stay one step ahead of the game and deliver the best social experience possible.

Here is our Top social media trends of 2013 part one

Increase in mobile users

It is no secret that the number of people browsing the Internet on mobile devices is approaching desktop users. In fact, smartphone and tablets will soon overtake traditional means of accessing online content.

However, when it comes to social media, mobile users are now the dominant force. In fact, Facebook recently revealed that 78 per cent of its 128 million daily users in the US were using their mobiles to access the site, a trend that is echoed across almost every social media platform all around the world.

What does this mean for business? Well, if your company is an active social media participant, think about what sort of content people will want to view on the move. You should also consider how any linked content to your website looks on smaller mobile screens.

Numerous organisations have developed dedicated mobile sites or adopted responsive web design in order to attract and retain as many users as possible.

Visual marketing

Any marketing professional will already know how powerful an attractive visual advertisement can be. But this year, social media has been predominantly driven by attractive, alluring and captivating images, which are of huge benefit to business.

Not only will Facebook and Twitter users have a stronger reaction to visuals, other social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest are rapidly gaining more and more visitors. While Pinterest has close to 50 million users, there are more than double that number actively liking and sharing images on Instagram.

Adding filters and getting creative with photographs can give your company a personality and help build the brand’s identity.

With the ability to categorise images and include hashtags, it is also possible to target users searching for a particular keyword. Therefore, there is a higher probability of attracting relevant and specific interest.

Social video sharing

Although images remain vitally important, video creation and sharing is one of the fasting growing social media trends. While YouTube continues to reign supreme, other platforms such as Vine now appeal to a whole new audience.

In the five months after it was launched, 13 million users downloaded and signed up to the Vine mobile app. Limiting videos to just six seconds long, organisations are forced to be creative and straight to the point with their presentation.

In reaction to the app’s success, Instagram also launched a video sharing service, meaning no company has an excuse to ignore this new promotional medium. Just like all other forms of social media, user interaction and content distribution is vital.

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