Traditional Marketer vs Digital Marketer

Is the traditional marketer changing?

In the future there will be more and more emphasis placed upon data and measurability, this of course has always been an online forte, you will see more E-Commerce digitial marketers owning traditional marketing budgets rather than traditional marketers taking control of ecommerce.

The marketing function is fast becoing much more data driven and accountable. Data will increasingly drive the acquisition process, boosting innovation and change!

Is the traditional marketer becoming a dieing breed? Well, it is clear that their work is under increasing pressure and scrutiny to deliver results and increase conversion.

More companies are splitting their marketing budgets between ‘brand’ budgets and digital marketing where CPA and ROI are preferable in terms of instant measurability, looking for success.

Mobile now leading the way.

Making sure that the technology and processes are in place to enable customers to access what they need, when they need it, across devices (persistence), particularly on smartphones and tablets is becoming of paramount importance to todays online retailers.

Responsive web design and ‘device-first’ thinking is now gaining importance and it is becoming a real challenge to get both marketing and creative teams to understand the best way forward.

Getting a websites delivery optimised across all platforms, Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone, is where companies such as Mintcandy can offer real tangible help to online retailers.

E-commerce development often now starts with the mobile journey first before responsive design techniques are used to make the platform work for the desktop.

The standard mobile can handle content but customers often save themselves from the mobile experience until they can get to a tablet during their downtime or ‘me time’.

Where next for E-Commerce? Here are Mintcandy’s tips :-

Keep your organisation on top of new and emerging technology, simple but true.

Look at retargeting and abandonment, get tuned-in to mobile and analyse just how new traffic will be acquired and retained on mobile.

Take a fundamentally broad view of E-Commerce across your business. Look at your traffic flows, mind the gaps!

Translate your knowledge of digital marketing and its many flavours such as SEO, PPC, SMO and Digital PR into usable and pragmatically useful information for your business and its leaders.

Patiently persist.

To get your business to buy-in to your ideas you must make your knowledge easily digestible and relevant to them and package it in way that is simple for them to understand and relay onwards and upwards!

Online retailers must now grasp the truly fundamental importance of mobile and tablet E-Commerce implementation or they will be left-behind in the ever increasingly mad dash to push online engagement and to both increase online sales and boost online brand awareness.

Mintcandy, Mobile Commerce and Mobile Engagement, the new three M’s !

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