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Why Twitter is a vital tool for success

It’s hard to believe that even today there are still so many businesses without a social media presence but Twitter for business is a vital tool for success.

Of all the social media outlets, Twitter is probably the most effective way for engaging with stakeholders as it allows you to respond immediately to any situation.

Twitter also allows you to promote your goods or services to potential customers quite effectively and should not be ignored.

Of course, as with most social media tools, you will need to regularly update content and monitor what is being said on Twitter about you and your company. This can be time-consuming and distracting.

For this reason alone, firms should use social media experts who can do all of this and more for you to ensure that your Twitter presence is not only effective but profitable as well.

Mintcandy is one such firm and they can draw up a business Twitter strategy to publish useful posts at regular intervals and monitor Twitter activity to see what is being said of the firm. The process will also highlight conversations that you and your company should be joining in with.

A quick guide on how to use Twitter effectively

The skill in Twitter, and its biggest attraction, is that you can only compose a message consisting of 140 characters before posting it to the Twittersphere.

If you don’t fancy using Twitter experts like Mintcandy then here’s a quick guide to using Twitter effectively.

1. Branding. You need to choose your Twitter name with care; it needs to reflect your business. Then you need to choose either a logo or an image to go with it. Tip: Avoid punctuation since this will make it easier to type on mobile devices.

2. Bio. Again you don’t have many words to play with (it’s actually 160 characters) which means you need to be concise in describing who you are and what your business is. Remember to put a link to your website.

3. Follow. Once your account has been created, you will then need to follow people who should then follow you and receive your tweets. Your followers should include your customers, peers, suppliers and competitors. Tip: Be careful about following too many people, too quickly as this is something Twitter will penalise you for.

4. Timing. Timing is everything on Twitter; get this wrong and your tweet will go unnoticed. There are two phases during the day when Twitter is unbelievably popular (usually when people are going to and from work) and even more so at weekends.

5. Short and simple. There is research to suggest that tweets of fewer than 140 characters have more engagement because they are easier to understand. Add a URL link to the relevant webpage and engagement will rocket.

6. Retweet. If you’re saying something useful then ask for it to be retweeted and the chances are it will – by a factor of 10. But if you say ‘retweet’ rather than RT then engagement soars by a factor of 23. The obvious attraction for a business is for its own employees to retweet to their followers who, in turn should retweet to theirs.

Business should use Twitter for sales

So that’s the Mintcandy quick guide to using Twitter for business and all firms should appreciate that Twitter is real time, real world marketing.

Twitter is really a microblogging tool and because you can link to any other web content it is very powerful as a promotional weapon.

It’s free to use and when used effectively it will promote engagement and boost your standing to potential customers who use social media as part of their business delivery.

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