Twitter – How to gain followers for keeps!

Three Free Twitter Tips from mintcandy’s lips!

1. Always try to cultivate a relationship with people before asking them to get involved with your business. Twitter is unique in that it allows people to search for others who are discussing certain topics, like stock trading, starting your own business, yachting, Cafe Latte Macchiato, Barca V Bayern, golf, etc. There are thousands of people who are trying to utilize Twitter for their businesses, and they often go about it like vultures.

A simple tweet can lead to an innocent person being completely inundated with requests to follow, business opportunities, invites to networks, the list goes on and on ad-infinitum. Rarely will anyone actually respond to a tweet with a genuine interest in that person’s tweet. This is a perfect opportunity for any new business marketer to establish relationships with people who will lead them to clients, sales, and actual referrals for the long term.

2. There is no real shame in following somebody on Twitter. Most of us feel that the difference between our own Twitter ‘following’ and ‘followers’ list indicates our ‘real’ status on Twitter. In reality, the profiles with the greatest number of followers that are following much fewer people are either celebrities and public/political figures, well established companies, and thought-leaders or gurus in their own respective fields.

When it comes to new business marketing, following someone while cultivating a relationship with them will more than likely lead to them following you in return and respecting you as a person and a businessman or businesswomen, rather than just a ‘head hunter’. You should be much more impressed with a new business marketing plan that managed to yield 3,000 followers while following 3,000 others, rather than a 1000 following while following 500 others during the same period of time. This method of reciprocal ‘following’ and ‘relationship cultivation’ actually allows for more targeted leads to see your tweets and thus respond positively to your brand/products/services etc in the long run.

3. Even with zero followers, do still tweet, but always try to remember that you must add value! The adding value concept is one that is crucial within new business marketing, and yet is often overlooked by many people when attempting to spread awareness of their company.

Remember how we said that Twitter allows for people to search for other people discussing certain topics? Well, if you are tweeting information regarding your company, products, services or anything else, then people who are looking for what you are talking about will see you one second after you tweet! This means that it is important to diversify the topics and therefore provide fresh and interesting content within your tweets, try to spread out your tweets during different times of the day, and remember to add some value to each individual tweet.

Since you are probably looking for some specifics regarding adding real value, here are a few examples:-

Offer coupons/voucher codes and special discounts etc for your company.

Offer ‘funny’ jokes or interesting facts every time that you tweet.

Offer product or service reviews.

Offer new pieces of real advice aimed at your target market demographic.

Offer something that makes someone want to acually stay connected with you.

Basically, always aim to leave someone better off or more informed than they were before they read your tweet. This will add real loyal followers, and will increase organic word of mouth across the Twitter network and far beyond it.

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