Ways in which you can banish boring content forever

Captivating Content

The need to create compelling and captivating content in today’s highly competitive and crowded online world is now absolutely crucial. Your audience is actively seeking out informative blogs, revealing infographics and amusing videos in order to quench their content thirst.

However, there will be an abundance of businesses out there that really struggle to attract attention, stimulate interest and encourage action. More often than not, this will be because of boring content, which does little to differentiate your brand from others or achieve your marketing objectives.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, there are countless ways in which you can banish boring content forever and keep on creating digital artefacts that your target market will absolutely love.

Some of the following suggestions might seem a little bit obvious or even outlandish, but each and every one is well worth giving a go.

Grab your audience’s attention

Considering just how much content exists online today, this may seem like an impossible task. But if you manage to grab your audience’s attention with a shocking opening statement or thought provoking closing remark, content will never be regarded as dull.

Keep their minds active on blog posts with embedded images or videos and try to give the piece a pulsating flow. Infographics shouldn’t be too long or drawn out while videos must be kept short and snappy.

Inject some fun and merriment

Regardless of the topic or theme you happen to be writing about, nearly every piece of content can benefit from a bit of added hilarity. Jokes or anecdotes do not need to be of a stand-up comedian’s standards, just enough to tickle your reader’s ribs and cause a positive reaction.

If you need to talk about a serious subject matter, this can be introduced later on when you have got the audience on your side.

Think of authentic and original ideas

There is a time and place for convincing potential customers to purchase one of your products, but content usually isn’t one of them. Instead, you should focus on authentic and original ideas that offer up advice or add to your audience’s browsing experience without being tedious.

Some industries may find this particularly tricky, but if readers have come across your content after searching for a certain keyword or phrase, there is every chance they will appreciate a carefully written article as opposed to another throwaway blog.

Be passionate and enthusiastic

More often than not, content creators will have some passion and enthusiasm about the copy they are writing, the infographic they are designing or the video they are shooting. Relaying this zestful zeal to your audience should dispel any fears about apathy or a lack of interest.

The vast majority of content consumers will want to view something that has firstly come from the creator’s heart and secondly not been produced to simply increase traffic numbers.

Connect and interact with your audience

Creating strong connections and building loyal relationships is important in every aspect of business, but this is especially true when it comes to content. If there is no emotional bond, your audience won’t have much reason to take things further.

Therefore, ask for their opinions and encourage comments or social media shares. Once they know you care, boredom will be at the back of their minds.

Demonstrate importance or urgency

In spite of the benefits that content can afford, everything you create needs to have a purpose. Writing something just for the hell of it won’t exactly inspire your audience, let alone spark their interest or intrigue.

So, demonstrate the importance of what you saying and why your audience should take note. Urgency can also keep readers on the edge of their seats and encourage swift action.

Think outside of the box

By its very nature, content is an incredibly creative thing. It requires a lot of inventiveness and imagination, which could force you to think outside of the box.

This ingenuity and enterprise should be capitalised on to the fullest, as there are no set rules for creating content. Come up with ideas based on trending topics, conduct a brainstorming session with colleagues, get inspiration from everyday life and don’t be afraid to leave your creative comfort zone.

Avoid ambiguity and be specific

Even though this is an important consideration for titles and leading paragraphs, it should be reflected throughout your content. Ambiguity can make your audience feel like you’ve made a lacklustre attempt at trying to arouse their attention.

But by telling visitors why they should click the content’s link and continue reading, this feeling of indifference can be avoided.

Harness the power of storytelling

It is fair to say that the vast majority of people enjoy a good story, which means that remarkable tales and spellbinding narratives are great from a content creation point of view.

Stories can help the reader develop a mental picture of what you are saying and it may even relate to their own experiences in life. They can also evoke a range of different emotions too, from fearfulness and sorrow to relief and happiness.

Don’t waste time and get straight to the point

Although there has been a lot of discussion in marketing circles about the ideal length of content, general consensus tends to suggest that word counts are irrelevant. This means there is no excuse for wasting time just to pad out a piece of copy.

Try and get straight to the point as soon as possible. If you can’t, write as much as you need but avoid unnecessary rambling, as this can be rather tedious for the reader.

Enjoy the content creation process

Even if you have some specific objectives in mind, which could impact on wider operational goals, the content creation process should be an enjoyable one. Supposing you get a kick out of writing, drawing or filming content, your audience should do too.

Nobody has ever said that creating compelling and captivating content was easy, but achieving these intentions is a lot easier if you dispel any feelings of boredom.

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