Website development – What you need to know

From a single page of plain text to a site full of complex flash graphics, web development encompasses all manner of things. Having an attractive and appealing website that is quick to load, easy to navigate and enjoyable to interact with has several benefits for any organisation.

When it comes to the planning, design and execution of a website development, the vast majority of companies will employ the services of a professional web developer. But even if you do create your online portal in-house, here are some essential things you need to know.

Ease of use

Even though any decent web developer can achieve impressive and striking page features, the most important aspect of design is usability. There will be a temptation to utilise stunning graphics and unique animations, but any visitor needs to be able to navigate every page easily and effectively.

Image and graphics optimisation

Whenever images or graphics are used, they should be optimised to improve load times. This includes selecting the proper format and keeping the file size small.

This is of benefit to those with slow Internet connections and individuals using mobile devices. Although the majority of people now have quick access to the internet, the number of smartphones and tablets in use is increasing.

Understanding SEO

In recent years, the emergence of SEO has forced web developers to change their approach to design. Achieving a high page ranking in Google or other search engine results is now a prime concern for several organisations.

Certain aspects of SEO such as keyword research can be left to marketing professionals, but other factors such as meta descriptions, the use of headlines, and image tags need to be considered.

Understanding colours and fonts

There are thousands of fonts and colours at a web developer’s disposable, but using them in the correct manner is crucial. When it comes to font, it is a balancing act between including as much text and content on a page as possible, but not making it too small to read.

In contrast, colours should be appealing and alluring, but also easy to view. Good colour combinations are particularly important when it comes to text.

Understanding browsers

With so many browsers available to download, web developers need to ensure content can be viewed on each one. Although this can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, it is essential if you want to attract visitors.

From older browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari to the newest and arguably quicker Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, cross-browser effectiveness and debugging is vital.

Patience and persistence

However hard a web developer might try, they will never get a website to work perfectly first time. The design might not look quite right, images could be in the wrong position or multiple errors may appear.

Therefore, whether you’ve employed the services of a professional or you’re managing web development in-house, patience and persistence is the key. Results will inevitably come, but only through a mix of tolerance and hard work.

At Mintcandy, our team of in-house developers have a great deal of experience when it comes to designing and executing comprehensive website solutions.

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