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On Friday we got asked this website design question, and thought it would be worth posting an answer too:What size should I design my website?

If you look on the internet there are hundreds and thousands of posts regarding this subject when the answer is really pretty simple. Here at Mint Candy the general rule of thumb is that your website design should be as small as it has to be to fit comfortably in your viewer’s smallest screen resolution, obviously without creating a nasty and offensive horizontal scroll bar!

As Essex’s premier SEO and website design agency we monitor all visits, conversions, traffic and all other kinds of statistics of our clients websites and as of today, the average website visitor (this means between 90-95% of your visitors) will be using a screen resolution that is at least 1024 x 768. Now although this is the standard resolution for a 17” monitor do you still need to accommodate Mr 2000’s who may be trawling the inter-web with a machine that belongs on the antique roadshow?

The simple truth is you can not accommodate a website to suit everybody, you just need to make sure your website is universal enough to display correctly in most peoples browsers. Have a look at the chart below (from Statcounter) and you will see that from March 2013 to June 2013 less than 5% of people used resolutions under 900 pixels.

Now obviously we do not expect you to take our word for it so to find out for yourself you can install Google Analytics on your website. Once you have everything installed you can see what resolutions your customers are using, this will allow you to make a much more informed decision!

The Google Analytic code will also inform you as to what browsers they are using and loads of other really geeky but helpful information that will give you a great insight into your customer base and online trends.

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Mint Candy, who’s specialism is in Website Design Essex has the answer

Here at Mint Candy we ensure that all of our website design work not only looks like its been stolen from the Louvre but is also as friendly as Casper the ghost.

Most of the websites that leave our Essex studios have a width of 960px. Using this size will allow for some much needed space on either side of your site design, the reason this is important is that it will give your website user a sense of balance and flow to the design.

Ok so we have kind of talked to death about the width of your website and resolutions, but then what about the height of your website design. Firstly this is a simple one so do not panic, the height of your site simply depends on how much content you have, and of course how much you want your website visitors to scroll up and down to view all of your website content. Just remember a website is not just about pretty pictures, the main purpose is to get your website found, and for that you need content and lots of it, so make sure what ever height you decide to go for, you allow space for all of the factors we have mentioned in this blog.

What the heck is “Above the Fold”

For those of you that are familiar with print design, you would have come across the term, basically it just means keep the most important information “above the fold” or in website design terms “above the scroll line”. If your website user has a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 they will see about 550px of your website design without having to scroll down in order to see more, so always try to design the important elements to appear within the very top 550px.

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